Super-Cal FAQ's

Super-Cal FAQ’s

Q. Is Super-Cal the same as lime?

Answer: Super-Cal does contain calcium like limestone, but that is were the similarity ends. Super-Cal contains calcium that is immediately available to your plants, it also contains an organic chelating agent that breaks down insoluble calcium from normal limestone deposits in your soil which creates additional plant available calcium.

Q. Why not just spread limestone?

Answer: It takes from 1-2 years for normal limestone to benefit a soil deficient in calcium. Super-Cal works immediately.

Q. Will Super-Cal affect the pH of my soil?

Answer: Yes, as the organic agents bring more calcium into the soil solution the pH will be affected.

Q. How much should I apply?

Answer: Application rates will vary from 5-20 ounces per 1000-sq. ft. depending upon label recommendations and soil type.

Q. How often should Super-Cal be applied?

Answer: Label rates are suggested for annual or monthly applications.

Q. What are signs that I could benefit from using Super-Cal?

Answer: Areas where plants grown from seed come up and do not grow off well or even die. Healthy transplants not surviving under ideal conditions. Leaves that are deformed. Fruits and Vegetables getting blossom end rot before maturity. Brownheart appearing in leafy and heading vegetables. Weak plants never getting a good green color. Bitter tasting fruits and vegetables. Hard cloddy soil that becomes very sticky when wet.