Super-Cal Product Information

Bountiful Harvest SuperCal

To grow a lawn that is vibrant and healthy, flowers that are bright and colorful, or nutritious fruits and vegetables that burst with flavor, you must have an abundant supply of calcium. Nothing can replace the role of calcium in the nutritional supply chain. When it comes to supplying the calcium your plants require, nothing beats Super-Cal liquid calcium.

Super-Cal provides calcium to your growing plants in the soluble form they require, and while many products claim to supply calcium, none can offer the advantages of Super-Cal. Formulated with a proprietary blend of organic acids, Super-Cal works in the soil to break down unavailable calcium and convert it to an available form that plants can utilize. With Super-Cal, literally hundreds of pounds of insoluble calcium can be brought into solution, insuring that your plants have an abundant supply. Don’t starve your plants of the calcium they need. Feed them Super-Cal and see the difference!

What benefits does Super-Cal offer?

Super-Cal is a source of chelated calcium with a guaranteed analysis of 10% calcium. Unlike many other calcium sources, a chelated calcium will not become readily tied up with other minerals in the soil, but will remain available.
Super-Cal is totally and immediately available to growing plants.
Super-Cal is 100% water soluble and does not have to go through biological breakdown.
Super-Cal will show first season results instead of waiting six to twelve months for dry lime to begin working.
Super-Cal aids in the breakdown of insoluble or “trapped” calcium which is already in the soil, converting it into an available form the crops can utilize. The increase in available calcium improves the availability and uptake of other important crop nutrients as well as making it easier to work with the soil through improved tilth. This also allows for better soil aeration and water movement.


  • Pint
  • Quart
  • Gallon
  • 5 gallon case (Super-Cal only)